Frequently Asked Questions


What is Gelavo?

Gelavo is a frozen dessert made from an avocado base, rather than a dairy or other milk alternative base. We use only Australian second-grade produce in an effort to reduce food waste! Our current range of flavours includes Original, Chocolate, Espresso and Banana.


Second-grade? Does that mean they’re worse quality?

Only in looks! Second-grade produce is produce that is rejected by the supermarkets due to small cosmetic blemishes or size inconsistencies, despite being perfectly fine to eat! You may have heard of ‘Ugly Fruit’ – that’s exactly what second-grade produce is.


Is Gelavo a vegan product?

Yes, Gelavo is 100% vegan!


Is Gelavo allergen-free?

Gelavo does not contain any of the major allergenic ingredients; however as a small start-up we share a production space where there may be contaminants. At this point in time Gelavo cannot claim allergen-free but we are working on becoming 100% allergen-free!


Is Gelavo healthier than normal ice cream?

Yes, Gelavo is a good source of dietary fibre and monounsaturated fat. Basically all the benefits of avocado in ice cream form!


How many calories per serve of Gelavo?

On average, there are 182 calories per 100g, but this varies slightly across all flavours.


Where can I purchase Gelavo?

Check out our Stockists page for all current stockists – we are available in WA and NSW at the moment with locations in VIC and QLD coming soon. If you’d like to stay up to date on any new stockists, follow us on Instagram!